Do you own a rental property in the Margaret River Region?

A house, apartment or holiday rental? 

Did you know that as a residential property investor you can get even more value out of your property at tax time with a depreciation schedule?

You could save upwards of $10,000 in the first full financial year with a tax depreciation schedule.

Nightingale Property Inspections have partnered with SJB Quantity Surveyors to provide ATO compliant tax depreciation schedules for established South West WA residential investment properties, ready to hand straight to your accountant at tax time. 

The property will be surveyed by Nightingale Property Inspections to record all the depreciable assets, and then your schedule is prepared by SJB Quantity Surveyors. 

This service is available for investment properties in Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta and surrounding areas.

Why do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

A tax depreciation schedule will ensure that you’re maximising the cash return from your investment property. If you do not have a tax depreciation schedule you’re potentially missing out on thousands of dollars’ worth of legitimately claimable tax deductions available to you each year.

Your schedule will include allowances for capital works and plant and equipment where applicable, and is calculated using both the prime cost method and the diminishing value method. You only need to do it once and that schedule provides your accountant with the figures they can use to make tax deductions on your property for up to 40 years. 

Even the cost of the schedule is fully tax deductible for you as the investor and is normally returned 5-10 fold in the first year alone! Have a chat to your accountant or financial advisor – you’ll likely be surprised at what a ‘no-brainer’ it is to have a schedule prepared for your investment property!

What assets can be depreciated on a rental property?

How do I book and what's involved?

Hit the button at the top or bottom of this page.

Or email us at info@nightingalepropertyinspections.com.au to request a quote.

Once you’re happy to proceed Nightingale Property Inspections will arrange access to the property with you or your property manager to measure/record the depreciable assets. This on-site survey takes 30-60 minutes for an average size house and is the first part of preparing your schedule.

This independent survey is the preferred process by the ATO.

This data is then used by SJB Quantity Surveyors to complete your schedule. Your schedule and a copy of the site record will be emailed to you, ready to forward straight to your accountant. 

The turn around time on the whole process is about 2 weeks.