Nightingale Property Inspections will be carrying out all property inspection services as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During strict lockdown periods we will carefully monitor all requirements communicated from the Western Australian Government and will work closely with real estate agents to ensure that any inspections that must be delayed in order to adhere to lockdown requirements can be rescheduled as needed. 

Additionally, in order to minimise the potential spread of any virus in our community, our team are also ensuring the following measures are in place, effective from the 16th of March 2020 until further notice, for every property and every inspection:

  • Where possible we will ask that the property be unoccupied at the time of the inspection. This is normal for many inspections, and we will work with you and your agent to access the property securely. 
  • Where a person or persons are self-isolating or are in quarantine then the inspections cannot go ahead until that period of isolation is over and the house has been cleaned. Agents and Vendors are asked to inform us of this ahead of any scheduled inspection so alternative arrangements can be made. 
  • If the owner or tenant will be home at the time of an inspection we will ask that they remain in one area of the house while we are there, so we can maintain the recommended social distancing during the inspection. 
  • If children are home during an inspection we will ask that they are taken outdoors and out of our way during the inspection. 
  • Our tools and equipment used during an inspection are cleaned and disinfected regularly. These tools shall not be touched or handled by any one else other than the inspector during an inspection.
  • Our inspections are non-invasive (unless prior arranged) which means that the contact we make with surfaces during an inspection is minimal. 
  • We are monitoring our own health daily, and if any symptoms of COVID-19 are felt by our team we will reschedule the inspection until we have received a negative test result. 
If you’re in the process of selling a property, or you’re a tenant in a property that is being inspected, we recommend you practice thorough cleaning and hygiene practices around the property before and after a third party enters the property, such as cleaning door handles, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and remote controls. Additionally if you are buying a home we recommend a professional clean of the property is carried out after the previous occupants have moved out and after all inspections are completed but prior to you and your family moving in.

If we all do our part to keep our distance, and carry out thorough good cleaning and hygiene practices then this will go a long way to reducing the chance of any virus that is present in our community from being spread, COVID-19 or otherwise. 

If you have questions about this please contact us:

0430 507 884


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