QUOTES: On the final section you’ll be shown the total fee for the required services.

BOOKING: Then you’re free to go ahead and book if you choose, or cancel and come back later. 

We will then check all the info you have supplied and confirm the appointment with you before proceeding.

Using the form:

1. If you’re unsure of the size of house (square meters), the age (year built), or the foundation enter a ‘100’ in these fields. If we need to we will confirm these details with you or your agent later.

2. No gaps in the phone number field.

3. Agent details are optional. Your booking / quote request is confidential until you’re ready to proceed on the inspection.

 4. Reports are issued by 6pm the day after the inspection is completed. Please select an appointment at least a couple of days ahead of your inspection deadlines. If you’re unsure when your inspections are required please check with your agent.

 5. This booking form is for properties with up to two dwellings, each with a maximum of 5 bedrooms. If you require a quote or booking for a larger property please email us at info@nightingalepropertyinspections.com.au with the details