Nightingale Property Inspections brings over 30 years of experience in:

  • Building & construction – residential, commercial and industrial
  • Project management
  • Construction site auditing & inspecting
  • Health, safety & environmental auditing & inspecting
  • Customer service & small business management

Clint Nagtegaal is our building and timber pest inspector and comes with 20 years experience in the building and construction industries, and has worked across a range of residential and commercial projects Australia-wide.

Clint also holds the following accreditations, registrations and insurances specific to Building and Timber Pest Inspections in Australia:

  • Housesafe Australia – Home Inspections: HS/934
  • MPL Australia – Inspect and Control Timber Pests: CPPUPM3008 and CPPUPM3010
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (current) with CGU Australia: Policy number 83CON165832 for Building Inspections, Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, Timber Pest Inspections.
  • Public Liability Insurance (current) with WFI: Policy number 40CPL3622454 for Building and Timber Pest Inspections.
We are trained and suitably qualified consultants meeting all the requirements of the current Real Estate Industry of Western Australia’s Annexures 167 (Building Inspections) and 182 (Timber Pest Inspections). Please ask your real estate agent for copies of these annexures if they have not been provided in your contract for sale or purchase of a property.

A note on Builder’s Registrations and Pest Control Licensing: Nightingale Property Inspections are independent inspectors delivering unbiased reports on the condition of each property inspected, in accordance with the Australian Standards for Pre-Purchase Property Inspections: 4349.1-2007 & 4349.3-2010. We do not carry out building or maintenance contracts, nor do we carry out pest control and therefore we are not required to maintain or hold a Builders Registration or a Pest Control Technician Licence. Previously, before the development of the Australian Standards specific to pre-purchase property inspections in 2007, a Builder’s Registration and Pest Control Technician’s Licence were the only qualifications available that were relevant to property inspections, but that is no longer the current standard. Some old documents still circulating within the WA Real Estate Industry may still refer to this outdated framework.