Property Maintenance Inspections

Do you own a home or an investment property and want to know about:

  • the current condition of the property?
  • how to maintain your property’s safety, functionality, appearance and value?
  • what maintenance issues or repairs should be prioritised now and in the year ahead to maintain the condition of the home and maximise rental returns?
  • easy D.I.Y  maintenance that can and should be done by most home-owners?

A Property Maintenance Inspection is the answer.

Here’s what your Property Maintenance Inspection service will cover:

  • Foundations, floors and sub-floor space (if accessible during the inspection)
  • Walls – interior and exterior
  • Roof, ceiling and roof-frame, including inside the roof space (if accessible during the inspection)
  • All load-bearing columns and beams
  • Gutters, downpipes and drainage
  • Check and test everything that opens and closes – doors, windows, cupboards, gates, etcVerandahs, patios, gazebos, garden sheds
  • Site assessment up to 30m from house – site drainage, driveways, paths, fences, gates, garages
  • Safety hazards – we will let you know of any immediate or imminent safety concerns that are found during our inspection
  • And more – let us know any specific concerns and our inspector will be sure to check them

Remember that Nightingale Property Inspections are not operating as builders or tradespersons on the side – our sole focus is inspections. This means our Property Maintenance Inspections are an unbiased audit of the property, as we are not trying to drum up further work from you. If we find your property is in tip top shape without much work needed that’s exactly what we’ll tell you. That’s peace of mind about your property and your investment!

You’ll be emailed a detailed, multi-page, photo-rich digital report the day after your inspection for your records. Our inspector is then also available by phone for any further questions you have once you’ve received your report. These reports are usually 20-30 pages long, can be viewed online on any device or printed, and make an excellent reference for budgeting and prioritising work on your home in the year ahead. 

A Property Maintenance Inspection is perfect for first home owners, busy people who don’t have a lot of time to maintain their property, rental property or holiday property owners who live in Perth or interstate / overseas, FIFO workers, or those who don’t have the help of a partner or family to keep an eye on the home maintenance. 

This service is also ideal if you’re thinking about selling your property in the next 12 months – get on top of any maintenance or structural issues now, increase the value of your property and maximise your sale potential. 

Our friendly family-run team will make sure we can book your inspection at a time that works for you, your tenants or around guest occupancy on holiday homes. We’re fully insured, backed by 30+ years of experience and we pride ourselves on the best customer service in our industry.  

You can even meet us there and we will take you through all our findings for a better understanding of how to maintain the property.  Our inspector will meet you at your property at a time that’s convenient to you (even weekends – no extra charge!). He will spend around 60 minutes inspecting every area of your property for maintenance and structural issues and any safety concerns. Then you’re invited to walk through the property with the inspector and have a chat about his findings and his recommendations. 

Our inspector will show you simple do-it-yourself property upkeep jobs that most home owners are capable of but may not know about, that can avoid you very costly repairs down the track. He will also let you know about more complicated issues that should be referred to a tradesperson or qualified service provider for repair. 

Ask us about our Property Maintenance Inspection  + Annual Timber Pest Inspection packages at discounted prices! Get the COMPLETE picture on your property!

info@nightingalepropertyinspections.com.au  or  0438 905 819

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